I Wanna Know

from RISE LIKE THE SUN by Band of Frequencies



I Wanna Know
Lyrics by Shannon Sol Carroll

I caught a glimpse of your lips on the incoming clouds singing the calm before the storm. I read your messages in the offshore mist that drifts and falls and alludes to your human form, so beautiful. I hear your dripping honey words in the songs of birds as they fly in from the sea, singing a sacred invitation to come and play out this divine union between you and me.

I wanna know, where all the rainbows go.
Do you know where all the rainbows go? (x2)

Beyond the grey blue darkness and the rolling thunder lies the golden crimson of a love unknown. Free falling through a sunset spell that I’ve been under, on a flight path only Icarus has flown. And I see your silver lined intentions as I spin and fall through the blue, Feels like a train I might have missed that may never have arrived I’m still waiting to catch to you.

I wanna know…

Well I did not realize you travel as the flow cries amidst the blue, green, indigo and orange babe. Have I been loving a disguise? Well I’d like to think otherwise… But you and I both know that nothing rhymes with orange.

Storms pass and skies clear to reveal hailstones melting in a patch of clover.
I see four leaves pressed into a ball of ice so I know our good love carries over.
I see your beckoning colours reaching down to the hills now replenished, so green and so fair, Blowing leaves like your hair just spinning in the breeze as you whisper, “ Yeah, I’ll meet you there…” Where?

At the end of the rainbow I now sit surrounded by these colours that one can never hold. Now you know I love dearly, but now I sign off sincerely,
Yours truly,
One Pot of Gold.

I wanna know, (I wanna know) where all the rainbows go, (I wanna know)
Do you know, (I wanna know) where all the rainbows go. (I wanna know)


from RISE LIKE THE SUN, released October 8, 2012


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Band of Frequencies Sunshine Coast, Australia

With an ethos of freedom from any limitations, Band of Frequencies draw their influences from a vast spectrum of soul, roots, surf rock, spiritual jazz, funk and psychedelic styles. The band coined the phrases Free Soul and Cyclonic Sonics to describe their intentions to "allow the present moment to evolve into a sound future while reflecting a deep respect for all who have come before us." ... more


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