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"This song reflects on walking the well trodden path when all you really want to do was trust in your own sense of direction, break away from the illusions of security and follow your passion. Its all about believing in what you love and loving what you believe in. " Shannon Sol Carroll

Free Again
Lyrics by Shannon Sol Carroll

Every day that’s ticking over, I’m another day older,
Feel the weight I feel the burden bearing down on my shoulders,
I’m living the life you told me. I’m living the dream you sold me.
So why does my soul just want to scream? Oh set me free yeah.

Yeah I wonder if I’ve lost my mind.
I wonder if I’ve wasted my time,
Then I re awake, realise what it takes,
To be free again

Now I burn all these illusions. Break free from these chains.
I’m gonna climb atop the carriage and take hold of the reins.
Well I take a leap of faith. Yeah I take a leap of trust.
‘Cause it’s not a matter of if, just when. For I know I must, I must be free.

Yeah I wonder if I’ve lost my mind.
I wonder if I’ve wasted my time,
Then I re awake, realise what it takes,
To feel free again (repeat)

I pick myself up and dust myself off.
I’ve ridden the peaks and hit the bottom of troughs.
Rough and tumble, some days I stumble.
Get back on my feet now I’m ready to rumble.
Always respectful yeah always humble.
Just chipping away till my obstacles crumble.
I’m living my life. I’m living my dreams,
as the ocean is home to all running streams.

I’m free again. Oh free again. Free again. Finally free again
Free Again. Quiet my mind.
Free Again. Follow the signs.
Free Again. Yeah choose my line.
Free again. Yeah free again.
from RISE LIKE THE SUN, released October 8, 2012
"Sonic shorelines ripple with cosmic forces out into the corners of your mind...unseen spiritual waves transform the usual music experience into a dream of Otherworldly delights...This is what you experience when you listen to Band Of Frequencies and their new single Free Again. Conjuring a sonic realm that celebrates the past, present and future; this is a band that crosses genres and expectations all at once, floating into blues territory with roots, rock, reggae and the psychedelic colouring sound in varying textures. Shannon “Sol” Carroll leads the band with guitar and vocals; OJ Newcomb is a phenomenal bass player who brings a deep resonating groove to the band, whilst Mark Henman‟s beats play with your mind in an extra sensory experience that has the trio delivering a dose of chemistry akin to a Woodstock encounter. Title track „Free Again‟ shatters the preconceived notions of life, encouraging you to follow your passion and the road less travelled; it‟s a song that evokes Jimmy Hendrix in an original and meaningful way. Highly anticipated album „Rise Like The Sun‟ is due for release late 2011 – early 2012, with a tour for Free Again happening right now. „Freedom‟ was created by Richie Havens who graced the stage of Woodstock in those few days of music and love; in this version BOF have captured the original ethos in a song tinged with 60‟s beauty and free flowing psychedelic revelry, that demands you close your eyes and go where the music takes you." - DANIELLE LLOYD (Tsunami Magazine 19.05.11)


from RISE LIKE THE SUN [Deluxe Version], released January 7, 2018


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Band of Frequencies Sunshine Coast, Australia

Sending out sound waves in arcing lines to peel along the shorelines of your mind.
"There are plenty of accomplished musicians out there. But only a few manage to attain a state where they become finely tuned antennae to swirling cosmic forces, channelling unseen spiritual energies and transforming a live music performance into a transcendental experience.” - Tim Baker (Surfing World Magazine) ... more

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